Dean O’Banion 4x07

So a friend of mine commented that Dean seems much more sympathetic to Torrio in this scene when he’s working with his flowers and wearing his apron. The moment the apron comes off, he’s all about business and he suddenly seems to care less, which I think makes perfect sense. Dean loves his flowers, after all. When he’s focused on them, it kind of radiates out.


moremeyer asked:

my suggestion: Carolyn/Margaret + tea

babushka-benny answered:

Carolyn had mastered the art of subtle flirtation. Inviting her husband’s new confidant to their home had initially been to examine her, but upon meeting the pretty little thing, she couldn’t help but give in to her urges. Freda could only do so much, even though Carolyn admired her loyalty. “Is the tea quite all right, Miss Rohan?” She asked, taking a careful, precise sip. “It’s not too hot, I hope?”

Margaret had caught on quickly, but what surprised her was the contrast between Arnold and his wife’s personalities. “It’s quite lovely,” She responded over her cup before placing it down. “I suppose there would be more where that came from, if I asked for it?” She had played this game with Owen. Carolyn Rothstein could not fool her, and Margaret wanted to see how far she would go. 

Carolyn’s hand gently brushed over hers, and they locked eyes. “Perhaps you would like to sit somewhere more comfortable? These chairs are very old, you see…” 

Margaret agreed and allowed Carolyn to lead her into the bedroom.